Workshop for Graduate Students – “Aquinas and the Arabs”

The Graduate Student Chapter of the Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group organizes 7th Annual Online International Graduate Student Workshop that will take place on 22nd-23rd March 2019. The workshop will concern mainly such issues as Thomas Aquinas’ thought and medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy. The event will take place mainly via Skype, so the graduate students from around the world are welcome.

People willing to present a paper should send an abstract (250 words) by 1st February 2019, and a full paper by 15th March (this version will be sent to all the participants even before the workshop). During the workshop itself each prelegent will have around 7 minutes to present main points of his or her paper, while the rest of time will be devoted to the discussion.

In the workshop you may also take part as a non-presenting reader. To do so and receive the papers by other participants before the event you should email the organizers by 15th March.

Submissions should be sent to: [email protected] More information on the flyer prepared by the organizers (download here).