Recent Papers on Aquinas

Recently papers on Aquinas’ thought were published also in numerous journals usually not concerned with Thomistic philosophy and theology (and in some cases specialized in completely different fields of research). Some of these are:

1. Francis Caponi O.S.A., „But mercy is above this sceptred swayˮ: Mercy and Justice in Thomas Aquinas, „The Journal of Religion”, no. 98/3 (2018), p. 327-347.

2. Francis Caponi O.S.A., Thomas Aquinas on the Parable of the Late-Coming Workers (Matthew 20,1-16), „Journal of Theological Interpretation”, no. 12/1, (2018), p. 90-109. Online you may also find older papers by this author on Aquinas’ thought:
Ontoluminescence: Bright God and Brilliant Creatures in Thomas Aquinas, „Sacred Architecture”, no. 31 (2017), p. 19-23;
Beauty, Justice and Damnation in Thomas Aquinas, „Pro Ecclessia”, no. 19/4 (2010), p. 389-404.

3. Ali Abedi Renani, Aquinas’ Theory of Knowledge and the Representative Theory of Perception, „Aisthema. International Journal”, no. 5/1 (2018), p. 109-126. Online you may also find an older paper by this author on Aquinas’ philosophy: Alasdair Macintyre’s Fallibilistic Interpretation of Aquinas’ Theory of Truth, „Nóema. Rivista Online di Filosofia”, no. 7/2 (2016), p. 18-26.

4. Alina Beary, The Curious Case of Ivan Karamazov: A Thomistic Account of Wisdom and Pride, „The Heythrop Journal”, no. 59 (2018), p. 34-44.

5. Can Laurens Löwe, John Duns Scotus versus Thomas Aquinas on action-passion identity, „British Journal for the History of Philosophy”, online first (free access only to the abstract).

6. Richard Cross, Deification In Aquinas: Created or Uncreated?, „The Journal of Theological Studies”, no. 69/1 (2018), p. 106-132 (on the journal’s webpage free access only to the abstract; early version of the paper may be found at

7. Rachael Walsh, Property, Human Flourishing and St. Thomas Aquinas: Assessing a Contemporary Revival, „Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence”, no. 31/1 (2018), p. 197-222 (free access only to the abstract and a bibliography).

8. Luigino Bruni, Paolo Santori, The plural roots of rewards: awards and incentives in Aquinas and Genovesi, „The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought”, online first (free access only to the abstract).

9. Agustín Echavarría, Aquinas on Divine Impeccability, Omnipotence, and Free Will, „Religious Studies”, online first (free access only to the abstract and a bibliography). Online you may find an older paper by this author on St. Thomas’ theology: Thomas Aquinas and the Modern and Contemporary Debate on Evil, „New Blackfriars”, no. 94 (2013), s. 733-754.