The Thomistic Institute has been involved in publishing almost since the very begining of its existence. However, due to organizational, financial and political reasons for many years it was unable to release books under own name. Therefore, the first book series, named “Studia Instituti Thomistici”, as well as numerous other works prepared by members of the Thomistic Institute, were published at the Saint Adalbert’s Bookstore (Księgarnia św. Wojciecha). Later the outcomes of the Institute’s research on Polish medieval theology were published in the series “Textus et Studia Historiam Theologiæ in Polonia Excultæ Spectantia”, issued by the Warsaw Theological Academy (Akademia Teologii Katolickiej). The Institute cooperated also with the Catholic University of Lublin (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski), the PAX Publishing Institute (Instytut Wydawniczy PAX) and foreign centers; while in the last dozen of years – mainly with the Marek Derewiecki Publishing House (Wydawnictwo Marek Derewiecki) and the “W drodze” Publishing House (also run by the Polish Province of the Order of Preachers). 

At present the Institute publishes two own books series: the “Thomistic Institute Library. Texts and Studies” (“Biblioteka Instytutu Tomistycznego. Teksty i Studia”,  where theological and philosophical works by Polish authors are published) and the “Dominican Library of Theology” (“Dominikańska Biblioteka Teologii”, co-edited with “W drodze” Publishing House” and devoted to translations of Western theological works). Moreover, since 1984 the Institute has been a publisher of “The Annual Review of the Thomistic Institute” (“Przegląd Tomistyczny”) – a scientific yearbook concering theology (especially the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas), philosophy and medieval studies.