Doctoral Studies

The “Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas” is one of four specializations in doctoral studies in theology, offered by the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw (Papieski Wydział Teologiczny w Warszawie) in collaboration with the Thomistic Institute.

This specialization was opened to fill the significant gap in Polish academic theology, by enabling the students not only to prepare fully professional doctoral thesis on the thought by Aquinas, but also to get to know Aquinas’ theology systematically and thoroughly. The Thomistic Insitute is fittingly prepared to offer such studies, as it gathers the experts in the field, cooperates with leading thomists from Poland and abroad, and possesses suitable facilities, as well as a superb library, containing one of the best Polish collections of books in the field of theology and medieval studies.

The graduates obtain the degree of the doctor of theology, conferred by the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw.

General Program of Studies

In accordance with general rules for part-time doctoral studies at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, also these studies last four years and include twenty one academic meetings each year, seven of which take place at the Thomistic Institute (specialization lectures), while the rest at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology (general lectures).

At the end of the second year of studies a licentiate thesis should be submitted and a licentiate exam should be passed (only those students who obtain at least grade 4.0 at the exam are allowed to continue the doctoral studies).


The offer is open for anyone who has a Master’s degree in theology and successfully completes the admission process.

The documents should be submitted to the secretariat of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology (Dewajtis 3). The list of documents needed may be found on the webpage of the Faculty.

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