Predestination and liberum arbitrium in St. Thomas Aquinas

Website has recently paid attention to the new book on predestination, grace and free will in St. Thomas Aquinas: Dieu joueur d’échecs? Prédestination, grâce et libre arbitre. Relecture de saint Thomas d’Aquin, by fr. Basile Valuet O.S.B. (Abbaye Sainte Madeleine du Barroux 2018). It is a second volume in the book series generally devoted to the issue of the relation between God’s causality and man’s free will. This publication thoroughly discusses the way in which Aquinas developed this issue in his subsequent works (a table of content may be found on the publisher’s website).

Basile Valuet O.S.B. is a lecturer of moral and dogmatic theology and a prefect of studies at Sainte-Madeleine Abbey (Le Barroux). He is also a member of the scientific committee of „Revue Thomiste”.

Two years ago another book on Thomistic approach to predestination was published: Thomism and Predestination. Principles and Disputations, ed. Steven A. Long, Roger W. Nutt, Thomas J. White (Catholic University of America Press 2016). Table of content and an introduction may be found at We also recommend a lecture on predestination in St. Thomas Aquinas, given by one of the book’s editors, Thomas Joseph White.