Popularization of Aquinas: Matt Fradd

In the West, apart from academic studies on Aquinas, it is rather easy to find also more popular introductions to his works. They are destined for those who maybe are not so familiar with philosophy and theology, but nevertheless wish to get to know and understand at least main frames of St. Thomas’ thought. Among the people who are involved in such popularization of Aquinas is Matt Fradd — a Catholic writer and motivational speaker, a philosopher by training. Recently he published a book — co-written by Robert A. Delfino (a professor of philosophy at St. John’s University in New York) — Does God Exist? A Socratic Dialogue on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas, which is an attempt to translate Aquinas’ five ways into contemporary language and way of thinking.

Since 2015 Fradd is a creator of a podcast Pints with Aquinas, where he discusses individual issues undertaken by St. Thomas. Exemplary topics are as follows: Does evil disprove the existence of God?; Why didn’t you accept the immaculate conception, St. Thomas?; Is Jesus just a copy of pagan gods? Was his incarnation necessary?; Can the demons read our minds?. Fradd also happens to host renown Thomists, such as Peter Kreeft (who presents twelve anecdotes on Aquinas), Scott Hahn (on Thomas’ understanding of the law), Edward Feser (with a critique of Richard Dawkins’ attempt to undermine Aquinas’ five ways) or Thomas Joseph White O.P. (on predestination).