New Thomistic Millieu and Changes at

A new Thomistic undertaking has been most recently established, namely Sacra Doctrina Project. Its goal is to promote speculative and sapiential approach to theology, deeply rooted in the intellectual tradition of the Church, and especially in Aquinas’ thought. It has been founded by a group of young American theologians, supported by such renown Thomists as Thomas Joseph White, O.P., Reinhard Hütter or Steven Long. The members intend to issue a new theological journal (Lux Veritatis: A Journal of Speculative Theology), organize annual conferences and publish podcasts on theology and philosophy.

Sacra Doctrina Project will be also managing – one of the best webpages on Aquinas and Thomistic thought. This will allow to increase frequency of the posts and generally enrich the website. Among others, a new section has already been created, where longer pieces on Aquinas will be published (the first one is Moral Precepts of the Old Law by Ryan J. Brady). Of course, the webpage will retain its most famous sections, like excellent news from the Thomistic world, as well as comments and discussions.