New Issue of „Nova et Vetera” Journal

Recently a new issue of the English version of „Nova et Vetera” (Winter 2019) was published, containing a number of papers on Aquinas and Thomism in general:

1. Domenic D’Ettore (Marian University, Indianapolis), Una ratio versus Diversae rationes: Three Interpretations of Summa theologiae I, Q. 13, AA. 1–6;

2. Melissa Eitenmiller (Dominican House of Studies, Washington), On the Separated Soul according to St. Thomas Aquinas;

3. B. Kyle Keltz (South Plains College), Neo-Thomism and the Problem of Animal Suffering (at his personal website you may find his other articles on similar issues, as well as those concering the problem of evil and another moral questions);

4. Dominic Legge OP (Dominican House of Studies, Washington), Do Thomists Have Rights? (we also recommend  a recording of his lecture on this topic, given at the symposium organized by the Thomistic Institute and the Notre Dame University in April 2017);

5. Michael Dauphinais (Ave Maria University), Love as the Law of the Gift: Reading Paul with John Barclay and Aquinas;

6. John M. G. Barclay (Durham University), A Thomist Reading of Paul? Response and Reflections;

7. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP, Remarks Concerning the Metaphysical Character of St. Thomas’s Moral Theology, in Particular as It Is Related to Prudence and Conscience (it is an English translation of a paper originally published in „Revue Thomiste” no. 30 [1925], p. 341–355).

All articles are available online after registering and logging in at the publisher’s website.