Mini-course on Aquinas by prof. Peter Kreeft – only until May 1st!

The King’s College – a Christian college based in New York – shared a free online mini-course by prof. Peter Kreeft, entitled A Sample of Key Concepts from Thomas Aquinas. The course comprises three parts, concerning Aquinas’ approach to 1) a relationship between faith and reason; 2) the existence of God and the problem of evil; 3) the nature of God and His creation. Each part is accompanied by bibliographical tips (referring to basic works by Peter Kreeft), a video of a lecture and a list of questions for analysis.

Peter Kreeft is a philosopher, a lecturer at Boston College and the King’s College. He is an author of numerous books, not only strictly philosophical but also apologetic (as an adult he converted from Calvinism to Catholicism). He also specializes in the thought by St. Thomas Aquinas – among others, he authored a book A Summa of the Summa (Ignatius Press 1990), which is a selection from Aquinas’ Summa with Kreeft’s commentaries.

The course is available through May 1st. To access it, one should fill in the form and sign in at e-learning portal Schoology (all necessary guidelines are received via email).