“Le Projet Aquinas” – Interviews with outstanding Thomistis

We highly recommend you to check a Youtube canal by Le projet Aquinas, where you can find series of short interviews with leading Thomists, such as Gilles Emery O.P., Jean-Pierre Torrell O.P., Michael Sherwin O.P.,  Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole O.P., Serge-Thomas Bonino O.P. or Dominic Legge O.P. The interviewers discuss not only their personal encounter with Aquinas’ thought but above all present main threads of his teaching and analyse individual questions and articles from Summa Theologiae.

The project, according to the organisers, is meant to make Aquinas accessible for everyone. It is carried out mainly by employees and students of the Fribourg University (Switzerland). The interviews are mainly in French and English, but in many cases subtitles in other languages are available.