Justice according to Aquinas

Cerf Publishing House has recently issued a book by Eunsil Son, Miséricorde n’est pas défaut de justice. Savoirs humains, révélation évangélique et justice divine chez Thomas d’Aquin. It concerns Aquinas’ understanding of divine justice – as it is presented in Biblical commentaries and great theological synthesis – and confronts it with the thought of Martin Luther.

Eunsil Son is currently a professor in theology at the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary in Seoul. In 2006 she defended her doctoral thesis at Sorbonne – prepared under the direction of Ruedi Imbach and Gilles Berceville – devoted precisely to Aquinas’ approach to the divine justice. She is an author of such papers on St. Thomas’ thought, as: Thomas d’Aquin et l’écriture: une exégèse contemplative („Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques”, no. 4/2007, p. 731-741) and Exégèse biblique, théologie et philosophie chez Thomas d’Aquin et Martin Luther commentateurs de Rm 7,14-25 (with G. Berceville, „Recherches de Science Religieuse”, no. 3/2003, p. 373-395).