Grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to Aquinas

A book by John M. Meinert, The Love of God Poured Out: Grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in St. Thomas Aquinas (Emmaus 2018) has been published not long before. It concerns Aquinas’ approach to the relations between the gifts of the Holys Spirit and the action of grace, placing them within more general context of moral theology and Christian life (more information on the publisher’s website).

John M. Meinert is a theologian, an assistant professor at the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University (Baton Rouge). In 2015 he defended (with distinction) his PhD thesis in moral theology at the Catholic University of America, devoted precisely to the issues of grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in Thomas Aquinas (the thesis that became a basis for this book is available at He is an author of such papers as:

Currently published book is another volume in Renewal within Tradition series, issued by Emmaus Academic and edited by Matthew Levering (Mundelein Seminary). The aim of the series is to renew contemporary theology in continuity with the Catholic tradition (basically this aim is coherent with the premises of the “Thomistic Ressourcement” movement). The following volumes have been published so far: