Aquinas on Divine Attributes – audio

The Thomistic Institute in Washington has released recordings from the philosophical workshop Aquinas on Divine Attributes, that took place on June 14th-17th in Newburgh (USA). The event was organized by Thomistic Insitute, Catholic and Dominican Institute (Mount Saint Mary College) and Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. Among the lecturers there were such theologians and philosophers as Stephen Brock (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce), Michael Gorman (Catholic University of America), Anna Bonta Moreland (Villanova University), Brian Carl (Dominican House

New Issue of “New Blackfriars”

The most recent issue of „New Blackfriars” has just been issued by the English Province of the Order of Preachers and John Wiley & Sons. Among the papers there is an article by Matthew Dugandzic (Catholic University of America), The First Movements of the Sensitive Appetite: Aquinas in Context (full draft version of the paper is available at Additionally, in this issue you may find reviews of two books on Aquinas’ thought: Brian Davies, Thomas Aquinas: A Very Brief

Call for Papers – Sessions on Aquinas at Kalamazoo Congress

As noted by website, at the next year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies – which will take place on 9-12 May 2019 at Western Michigan University – a few sessions will be devoted solely to Aquinas’ thought: 3 sessions on St. Thomas’ philosophy, sponsored by the Center for Thomistic Studies (University of St. Thomas, Houston); organizer: Steven J. Jensen ([email protected]); 3 sessions on any aspect of Aquinas’ works, sponsored by the Thomas Aquinas Society; organizer: John F. Boyle ([email protected]). Submissions

Next Issue of “Nova et Vetera” Journal

Recently a new issue of „Nova et Vetera” journal has been published (Summer 2018) by Emmaus Academic. Also in this issue papers on St. Thomas may be found: Kevin O’Reilly, O.P., St. Thomas on Adoration: Some Reflections; Mateusz Przanowski, O.P., Christ as Deus Absconditus in Thomas Aquinas’s Theology. Also among the books reviews two works on Thomistic thought are discussed. These are: Michele M. Schumacher, A Trinitarian Anthropology: Adrienne von Speyr and Hans Urs von Balthasar in Dialogue with Thomas

Books on Aquinas Available at Internet Archive

We highly recommend a digital library Internet Archive, where a number of books is available for free, including those concerning Aquinas’ thought. Although these are usually older publications, many of them still constitute very valuable resources for studies on St. Thomas’ theology and philosophy. Among them are (alphabetically): 1. Barron Robert E., Thomas Aquinas. Spiritual Master, Crossroad Publishing Co. 1996; 2. Carr Henry, The Function of the Phantasm in St. Thomas Aquinas, in: Philosophical Essays Presented to John Watson, Queen’s

First Issues of “Revue Thomiste” available online

At the Gallica portal, run by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, you may find digitalized versions of the “Revue Thomiste” issues from the first decades of the journal’s existence (from 1893 to 1946). „Revue Thomiste” was established by the Dominicans: Marie Thomas Coconnier O.P., Ambroise Gardeil O.P. and Pierre Mandonnet O.P. as a response to pope’s Leon XIII appeal to renew Thomistic studies, stated in his encyclical Aeterni Patris. In these first decades, the journal published works by such outstanding

The “Thomist Tradition” Series

An American publishing house Cluny Media, issuing books of the Catholic intellectural and cultural tradition, recently started the „Thomist Tradition” series, where classic works in this field are published anew. These books are supplemented with extensive introductions, explaining the context of their origin and showing their relevance for contemporary philosophy and theology. The works are also reedited and a number of footnotes are added in order to help the readers to understand their content. So far two books in the

Books and papers available at Grand Portail Thomas d’Aquin

On the webpage Grand Portail d’Thomas Aquin, devoted to Aquinas’ philosophy, you may find a number of French books and papers on St. Thomas and generally Thomism in free access. Among the books available for download are, for example, such texts as follows: Ch.-D. Boulogne, Saint Thomas D’Aquin. Essai biographique, 1965; Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, La synthèse thomiste, 1947; Charles de Koninck, Ecrits philosophiques: 1. Introduction à l’Étude de l’âme. 2. De la primauté du bien commun contre les personnalistes. 3. Les

Papers on Aquinas in the latest issue of “The Heythrop Journal”

The latest issue of “The Heythrop Journal” has been recently released. It is a bimonthly journal, established in 1960 and devoted to the relations between the philosophy and theology, published by Wiley-Blackwell and Heythrop College in London. In this most recent issue as many as five papers concern the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas or Thomism in general. These articles are as follows (on the journal’s website free access is provided only to the abstract or the first page of

John Boyle’s papers available online. “Lectura Romana” by Aquinas

John Boyle, a professor of the University of St. Thomas w Minnesocie and one of the most renown American specialists in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, publishes at his website scans of a number of his papers on Aquinas. You may find the texts on Thomas’ interpretation of the anointing of the sick (St. Thomas Aquinas on the Anointing of the Sick [Extreme Unction]), on some of his rules of Scriptural egsegesis (Authorial Intention and the divisio textus and