Thomistic Psychology

Catholic University of America Press has just published another book in the field of so called “Thomistic psychology”: The Human Person: A Beginner’s Thomistic Psychology by Steven J. Jensen (after clicking “Look inside” over the book cover you may find the table of contents and excerpt from the book; some parts are also available at Google Books). As the author notes in the introduction, Aquinas is sometimes called the angelic doctor because he wrote so much on the nature of

Thomas Aquinas and the Economy

Harvard University Press has just published a book by Mary Hirschfeld, Aquinas and the Market: Toward a Humane Economy (after clicking „Look inside” you may find a table of contents and an excerpt from the book). The author strives to overcome the gap between the economy and theology, by proposing a model of “theological economy” rooted in the Aquinas’s thought. The path forward came into focus when I was working on a paper on Aquinas’s account of private property. Unlike

Workshop for Graduate Students – “Aquinas and the Arabs”

The Graduate Student Chapter of the Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group organizes 7th Annual Online International Graduate Student Workshop that will take place on 22nd-23rd March 2019. The workshop will concern mainly such issues as Thomas Aquinas’ thought and medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy. The event will take place mainly via Skype, so the graduate students from around the world are welcome. People willing to present a paper should send an abstract (250 words) by 1st February 2019, and a

Metaphysical Foundations of Love

The Catholic University of America Press has just published a book by Anthony T. Flood, The Metaphysical Foundations of Love. Aquinas on Participation, Unity, and Union. It is devoted to the issue of love in the writing by Thomas Aquinas. As the author notes: St. Thomas Aquinas identifies love as the source and summit of the life of each human being. Everything in the created realm issues forth from God’s creative love, and the ultimate end of all human persons

Thomistic Personalism in “Studia Gilsoniana”

The most recent issue of „Studia Gilsoniana” (nr 7/3, 2018) — a quarterly issued by International Étienne Gilson Society — comprises of papers by the members of the Society for Thomistic Personalism, devoted precisely to various aspects of so called thomistic personalism.  This notion has been derived from the paper by Karol Wojtyla, Personalizm tomistyczny, „Znak”, no. 83 (1961), p. 664-675. Apart from short discussion of Wojtyla’s article and presentation of this personalism in his later works (R. Mary Hayden

New Thomistic Millieu and Changes at

A new Thomistic undertaking has been most recently established, namely Sacra Doctrina Project. Its goal is to promote speculative and sapiential approach to theology, deeply rooted in the intellectual tradition of the Church, and especially in Aquinas’ thought. It has been founded by a group of young American theologians, supported by such renown Thomists as Thomas Joseph White, O.P., Reinhard Hütter or Steven Long. The members intend to issue a new theological journal (Lux Veritatis: A Journal of Speculative Theology),

New Issue of “American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly”

A new issue of the „American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly” (ACPQ) has recently been published. Two papers concern the philosophy of St. Thomas: Daniel Shields (Pontifical College Josephinum), Everything in Motion is Put in Motion by Another. A Principle in Aquinas’s First Way (this paper has won ACPQ’s 2017 Rising Scholar Essay Contest); Thomas DePauw (Benedictine College), The Principles of Distinction in Material Substances in the Philosophy of St. Thomas and St. Albert (a working version of the paper may be

Thinking Like Aquinas

As we have already mentioned at our website, in the West – besides serious, academic works – also numerous lighter books on St. Thomas Aquinas are published, meant either to familiarize those who are not specialists in theology and philosophy with his thought, or to show how to translate it into everyday life. A recently published book by Kevin Vost, How to Think Like Aquinas (Sophia Institute Press 2018; excerpts may be found at Google Books), belongs precisely to the

Philosophical Primer on the “Summa”

One could think that there is nothing left to say about Summa theologiae. Still, new books are published all the time, meant to discuss the Summa in its various aspects. For example, a few months ago a book Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae: A Critical Guide was issued (we have already discussed it at our website), and recently the Catholic University of America Press has published A Philosophical Primer on the Summa Theologica, that focus on philosophical dimension of Aquinas’ opus magnum.

From Aristotle to Aquinas

St. Augustine’s Press has just published a book From Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas: Natural Law, Practical Knowledge, and the Person by Fulvio di Blasi. It concerns Aristotelian roots of Aquinas’ understanding of natural law, personalism and moral theology. Fulvio di Blasi is an attorney and a philosopher, who specializes in moral philosophy and the issue of natural law. He is also a co-founder and a director of the Thomas International Center. He has authored or edited such books as: God