Many of our Dominican brethren take St. Thomas Aquinas as their particular master and guide. The Dominicans and the Challenge of Thomism conference will be an excellent opportunity to discover the depth and diversity of Thomistic inquiry in our Order today, particularly for younger scholars immersed in the thought of St. Thomas.

Our conference has been designed to give participants a wide-ranging overview of the state of Thomistic scholarship within the current academic context, and to provide a launching pad for new forms of collaboration between scholars at the international level.

In the mornings, participants will take in a series of top-level lectures from established experts in the field. A holistic picture of contemporary Thomism will emerge from dynamic encounters between experienced scholars, who are mentors in the intellectual life for many of us, and younger brothers still relatively new to the scholarly community.

Afternoon sessions at the conference will focus on workshops, in which Dominican thinkers bring us up to the minute on research and publications in their home regions.